The Squatting Man

greyworld teamed up with Domestos to create an installation that raises awareness around the lack of sanitation in parts of the world on World Toilet Day.

It’s World Toilet Day!

greyworld was commissioned by Domestos to create a large interactive installation that raises awareness around issues of sanitation that millions around the globe face. 

“The Public Toilet Installation” also known as “The Squatting Man” is five metres high and made entirely out of porcelain, and resembles a human being squatting - as if taking a poop! The installation is situated in front of the Tower Bridge in London to attract as much attention as possible, raising awareness of the billions of people who are unable to go to the toilet in private.

Allowing all people to share a video on the actual installation, greyworld and Domestos hope to overcome taboos associated with the issue leading many people to ignore the situation. With this, “The Squatting Man” aims to encourage people to take notice and aid the millions of people dying each year due to lack of sanitation. Anybody can be part of the installation by simply uploading a photograph or short video of their faces, which is then set to display on the sculpture's face! 

Domestos continues their partnership with the World Toilet Organisation and Unicef to improve access to basic sanitation. To support or be part of this movement visit their website here

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