SPACE10 open sources The Growroom 

The design for The Growroom, an urban farm that looks into how living architecture can feed the city, is now open source and available for anyone to use.

In November 2016, we featured SPACE10’s Growroom – a spherical garden that enables people to grow their own food locally in a beautiful and sustainable manner. Traditional farming takes up a lot of space, but The Growroom has a small spatial footprint as it grows edible produce vertically.

The Growroom. Image: Alona Vibe

After the first Growroom was showcased, people from around the world reached out to SPACE10 and requested to buy or exhibit The Growroom. But it didn’t make sense to promote local food production and then start by shipping The Growroom across continents. So today, SPACE10 has released The Growroom as open source design, encouraging people to build their own locally as a way to bring new opportunities to life. 

All anyone needs to build The Growroom is a rubber hammer, 17 sheets of plywood and a visit your local fab lab or maker space (somewhere with a CNC milling machine). The design focussed on making the assembly easy and intuitive for anyone to handle and The Growroom is produced from only one material, making it accessible and affordable for most communities.

You can find instructions and the design/cutting files here

Growroom pieces. Image: Niklas Vindelev

SPACE10 envision a future where citizens are able to grow food much more locally - inside their cities and as an integrated part of their lives. The Growroom also promotes wellbeing in the cities by creating a small oasis or ‘pause’-architecture that enables people to connect with nature as we smell and taste the herbs and plants.  

“On the basis of a spatial experimentation with the Urban Farming concept, we strive towards creating architecture where atmosphere and sensuousness acts as the primary design factors, to generate poetic spaces with a sense of tranquillity,” says Sine Lindholm, one of the architects behind The Growroom. 

CNC parts required to build The Growroom