Space optimisation

The Puma House Tokyo is a press room and event space in the city, designed by Nendo.

Located in the city of Tokyo’s Aoyama district, the Puma House Tokyo by design studio Nendo functions as both a press room and event space for the Puma brand.

Puma House Tokyo is a multipurpose space, ideal for events, exhibitions, fittings, product launces and more.

A staircase which climbs around the features in the space was one of Nendo’s most characteristic design elements. Not for climbing, the staircase functions instead as a display stand for Puma sneakers and “ a compositional element that gives the space a special character”.

The staircase also serves as a reminder of the exercise that can be had going up and down stairs. On a more subtle note, the staircase has a visual connection to stadium stairs and podiums, thus referring to Puma’s interest in sport.

More than that, the stairs incorporate a sense of movement in the interior space and enable a three-dimensional product display.