South African youth culture according to Thulisizwe Mamba

Thulisizwe Mamba, the swank Durban-based illustrator, gives us a preview of the illustrations to expect from his self-published web zine, “Co. Issue.”.

Durban-based graphic designer Thulisizwe Mamba has been busy at work since we last checked in. His latest collection of work is a series of illustrations that focus on South African youth culture for his web zine Co. Issue.  

It's my way of documenting our generation, what makes us, the youth of South Africa different. – Mamba

In this new collection of work Mamba has stuck to his characteristic minimalism but he has upped the ante by adding humour and a fair amount of cheek. We spoke to him and had him tell us more about which aspects of youth culture his illustrations represent. 

“Come thru” - It's the title of one of Drake's songs and is a line you use when you text someone to come over to your house for sex. But because Drake is a soft guy, singing “soft” lyrics, if he had to send you the "come thru" text, the only rounds you'd get would be donuts, and not rounds of sex.
“Ez'weyi sana” - This illustration refers to a name for untrustworthy women. Regardless of their hairstyles – no hair, short, or long hair – these women cannot be trusted.
“Folish papi” - This is Durban slang for a smoke.
“July in Durban” - This is literally what happens in Durban, in July because of the thoroughbred horse race. It's a month teeming with style, pleasure merchants, fashion and women hustling men.
“Low-key slayin'” – This is the ideal, "works every time" attire for guys: a five-panel cap, a tee and shorts. Try it, you'll slay...
“Phophotha vibes” - This means "to pamper", and is how girls look when they “phophotha”: fresh for days with that weave!
“Superstars in the air” - This is what happens to Pharrell when he listens to Beyoncé’s 711. Grr.
“This patron” - This is a lyric taken off the Internet's Special Affair song from their Death Ego album. The aim of alcohol is to make you feel nice, and perhaps comfortable enough to indulge in heightened pleasure. In clubs, if you're buying a girl alcohol, you might get lucky that night.
“Utatakho on fleek” - This refers to a sugar daddy of note, rocking a fresh haircut and oozing with confidence. He is on “fleek“ (on point or flawless), however, he is still old enough to be your dad.
“Woza mah” - This is what we Durban people know as a sliding door operator. This guy’s hustle is to get as much people into the taxi as possible. He will be shouting "wozah mah", relentlessly from destination to destination, whistling all the while.

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