Sound smart

The Serendiptichord is an exploration of the creative possibilities of wearable computing.

Created by Di Mainstone and Tim Murray-Browne, the Serendiptichord is a wearable musical instrument that encourages the wearer to explore a soundscape through touch and movement. This project thus also serves as a cross-disciplinary investigation into fashion, technology, music and dance.

While wearable technology and smart fabrics generally tend to focus on the seamless integration of technology into clothing, the Serendiptichord functions rather like a technologically extended limb, or what Mainstone calls “a choreophonic prosthetic”.

The Serendiptichord is ideally used as part of a performance, and realising its full potential relies on the curiosity of the wearer. The results stem from the wearer exploring the surface of this device through touch, physical manipulation and expressive movement. The wearer is thus able to create his/her own soundscape through different motions.