Solid sound

Extending the application of materials, Shmuel Linski used raw concrete to create speakers.

Concrete is not really the every day choice as the main material of consumer products. But Israeli designer Shmuel Linski has been exploring alternative uses for this this basic material. One of the results is a speaker made of concrete.

Linski explains that concreete is most often encountered as a  hidden material, covered by layers of plaster and paint. He wanted to find a practical application for concrete as the main material in a consumer product, while considering the aesthetic value.

One of the challenges that had to be overcome was the strange noise that occurrs when sound meets concrete because being very “stiff”, the concrete distorts the sound. Linski thus used horn speaker technology that is very compatible with concrete, without needing to pad the speakers from the inside.

Linski explains the process: “The Driver, which is located in the top part of the speaker, moves the air through a pipe (96cm long) and into a horn-shaped mouth in the bottom of the speaker. The weight (56kg) makes the speakers very solid, and turns these speakers into a unique product, invoking a sense of nirvana for concrete lovers and audiophiles.”