Snail shell shelter brings user closer to nature

Helix is a micro-architecture structure that can shelter one nomadic individual.

Designers at ootro estudio have created a tiny shelter called Helix. Made using laser-cut cardboard pyramids, the novel creation in micro-architecture was built to offer a space for rest and contemplation.

The project was designed to bring the user closer to the natural landscape. It can be set up or transported by one person, and the connections between the corner “pyramids” were created through folds and flaps, avoiding the use of additional materials like glue.

The studio describes it as a nomadic shelter that explores new ways of building a more ephemeral and transient habitat.

“Its shell is formed by pyramids of cardboard with holes in their corners that allow a partial view from the inside, an opportunity to look at the small details of the environment and nature. In its design, it has taken into account that the pieces do not exceed the maximum size to be easily manageable by one person,” writes the studio.