SMS answers from Kiran Bir Sethi

Designer, teacher and education reformer Kiran Bir Sethi answers the SMS questions addressed to her during Design Indaba Conference 2011.

How did you get Riverside approved?

We got a “No Objection” certificate from the government and started the school in my house.

Is the syllabus accepted?

Yes, up to Grade 7 we have developed our own curriculum. For the higher grades we take the international Cambridge exams.

How do you mix the new ways of thinking with the content that needs to be taught and how do you examine?

As the foundation course, up to Grade 7, is designed internally. We have balanced the standards with our method of teaching.

How can one get involved in Riverside School?

Just log onto the website,, decide and come over.

Is this model of teaching available in South Africa?

Not yet. Anyone interested?

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