SMS answers from Jen Bilik

Boisterous business woman Jen Bilik of Knock Knock answers the SMS questions sent to her during Design Indaba Conference.

What exactly is a holiday card? Does it have a function other than the entertaining fun element?

In this age of electronic correspondence, a holiday card may be the only time that people get "real mail" that isn't a bill or advertisement. I believe that when a person receives true written correspondence, he or she knows that it's been actually physically touched by the sender. So a holiday card may be the one and only time such a physical expression of love and affection is transmitted during the year!

When people choose funny or expressive holiday cards - vs the generic, gold curlicue or insert-family-photo-here cards - they are showing their personalities as well as entertaining their friends. That's why, within the industry (and because this is a corporate term, I find it kind of gross - I think Hallmark may have invented this term, making it even more pukey), this category is called "social expressions."

I also think the annual holiday card is a way of saying "even though we don't get to talk or see each other during the year, I haven't forgotten you!"

This is just an arbitry design suggestion: Have you considered inverting the N in the second Knock so that it becomes a mirror image of the first Knock when they're sitting on top of each other? Know what I mean?

I do know what you mean! No, we didn't consider that. I personally think that letter inversion - upside-down letters - is a bit gimmicky and overdone, though there are many good designs that do it. What we did a lot of playing with is mirror imaging of the Ks, however, so that they were facing each other like bookends, and in fact our book spine logo variation is indeed the two Ks, spine to spine, with the first K a mirror image of the second.

What is Knock Knock web address?

Do you ship to South Africa?

Yes, we do! Of course, it has to go through customs and all that annoying stuff, and it's more expensive than I would like. I was able to get some great leads and make headway on South African distribution, so hopefully that will be a reality in the near future. Thank you for asking! (Visit Design Indaba's Online Shop to browse a selection of Knock Knock products.)

Where can we get a copy of your "how we do things" flow charts?

I'm assuming you meant the one that shows the overview of how goods get made and shipped and fulfilled, etc. If so, I'm attaching it here as a PDF! (Download as an image above).

Jen knocks my socks off... What a gal!

Thank you thank you! I can assure you that all the AMAZING energy at Design Indaba will stay with me for months and months to come, and that I will be figuring out how to get back starting... Tomorrow!

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