SMS answers from Daddy's World

Cape Town-based creative entrepreneurs Jody Aufrichtig and Nick Ferguson answer the SMS questions sent during Design Indaba Conference.

Could you elaborate on where the name Daddy Long Legs originated and why "daddy" not "mommy"?

We used the Long for Long Street (where the hotel is situated) and the name "Daddy" was thought up by Nick, we wanted a name that was easy to say and not easy to forget.

Why not just build the caravans from scratch?

They are handmade and very difficult to build. The caravans we used are all vintage units and works of art in their own right. They all have a history and story to tell.

Where do you get the money?

We financed the projects with bank financing and revalued our properties to raise further funds.

Any plans to move the Daddy brand to Jo’burg?

Not as yet, unless an opportunity arises.

I have an idea to open a creative restaurant. I don't have capital but I know what I want to do. How do I go about raising capital?

You will need a financial backer or ask family and friends. The Industrial Development Corporation or Business Partners may loan you funds depending on your security, track record, the idea etc.

How did you know that the owners would sell their Long Street properties?

We didn’t. We just asked.

How can designers learn how to charge appropriately for their work? What financial advice do you have for budding design entrepreneurs?

Don’t overcharge but also value your time and your worth appropriately.

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