SLAMP: Lights poised between aesthetics and technology

Italian lighting atelier SLAMP reinterprets classic Italian design with futuristic flair.

There are objects that perform a basic function in our daily lives, and then there are magical objects that spark emotion. This is the driving force behind the Italian lighting workshop SLAMP, founded in 1994 by Roberto Ziliani. “Beyond the need to light up spaces, we want to stimulate feelings and emotions. We want to parallel the efforts of the natural world and its endless ability to invent,” says Ziliani.

Ziliani is a unique interpreter of Italian design, reimagining classic materials through curiosity, experimentation and futuristic engineering solutions. His vision was to create products made with innovative materials that are unique and immediately recognisable. 

Working together with a group of international designers, the SLAMP ‘Tube’ was born. Using a technique borrowed from origami they turn polycarbonate sheets from 2D into 3D. Fourteen patented and digital printing methods on thin, flexible surfaces amplify light and create sophisticated objects. The lightweight Crystalflex® is more durable and versatile than traditional glass. The malleability of the patented materials allows for great freedom of expression, and the result is the signature undulations.

From sketching through to production, each object is tailored to determine a mood and reinvent reality. “Each product has a soul of its own, being designed, cut, sewn and assembled by hand,” says Ziliani. 

The energy and passion of the SLAMP atelier has attracted some of the world’s most famous architects and designers. Here are five of SLAMP’s signature pieces:

Aria Suspension Light by Zaha Hadid

Designed by the late architect Zaha Hadid, the chandelier creates a harmonious sense of motion. Fifty layers of SLAMP's Crystalflex® form the soft and fluid lines which diffuse ambient light.

Battista Floor Lamp by Nigel Coates

Architect Nigel Coates created a luminous sculpture that marries art with innovation. Harmonious white brush strokes stand on a recycled timber beam base, combining nature with technology.

Ceremony Collection by Bruno Rainaldi

With four backlight swathes, this piece is like a necklace of pearls – a dramatic and sumptuous homage to femininity by creative director Bruno Rainaldi.

The Chantal by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas

Inspired by the world of illusion, the honeycomb shape grants a new perspective from every angle of observation. The lamp casts ripples of light that illuminate and dissipate, reminding us of the transparency of the moment.

La Lollo by Lorenza Bozzoli

Celebrating the SLAMP Tube, in-house award-winning designer Lorenza Bozzoli created a cluster of illuminated cylinders. Using alternating shades of pastel and chrome, the lamp evokes memories of limelight divas and celebrity. 

View the SLAMP masterpieces at the new Euro Nouveau showroom in Cape Town.