This ski slope might be built on a 21-storey apartment block

Kazakhstan’s next architectural feat could see a ski slope constructed atop a residential apartment block.

A 326-metre ski slope is not the addition one would expect when constructing an apartment building, but that’s exactly what avid skier and architect Shokhan Mataibekov calls for with his latest design. Priced at around $70 million, the residential project, called Slalom House, is a 21-storey apartment building draped by an artificial ski slope that wraps around the rooftop in a U-shaped formation.

Mataibekov’s design is a world first and will hopefully be constructed in Kazakhstan's capital, Astana. Although the area is known for its chilly, minus 15-Celsius weather, there are no snow sports facilities closer than a four-hour drive by car. Slalom House’s designer proposes using an artificial snow called Snowflex to make sure there’s snow year-round.

According to a report by CNN, Mataibekov is already in talks with potential backers who are eager to put the incredible design into action. The building’s multi-purpose design would make it economical and a major tourist attraction in the city. Its lower floors would be dedicated to entertainment, retail and food outlets with 421 two-bedroom residential apartments above them. A separate entrance, accessed using a panoramic elevator, will take skiers to the top of the building.

There are no immediate plans to build the incredible facility just yet, but Mataibekov is hopeful his design will one day occupy the already unique Kazakhstan skyline, which already includes buildings with nicknames like "dog bowl," "flying saucer" and "lollipop.”