Sit In pretty

Funky and multi-functional, the Sit In range of stools has a lovely "local is lekker" feel to them.

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The Sit In is nothing fancy. But it is the ideal seat for when you invite friends over to your pozi for a drink or to throw a piece of chicken on the fire.

Designed by Adri Schütz for Mielie, the Sit In takes recycled milk crates, turns them upside down and adds a “shack chic” touch.

The Madoda stool comprises an upside down milk with a comfortable cushion and slip cover in bright colours, characteristic of Mielie. Madoda refers to a Xhosa tradition whereby the best seat on the house is reserved for the madoda, the respected old man.

On the other hand, the Tshomi refers to everyone’s friend, the one that always good to have around. The Tshomi Sit In is similar to the Madoda, but without the slip cover enclosing the bottom of the upturned crate.

There are countless benefits to the Sit In seats. It uses a low-tech manufacturing process which means these funky seats are inexpensive. The cushion and slip covers are crocheted with recycled cotton and the seat is ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

The Sit In can be used as a stool or footrest, or the slip cover can be turned inside out to make it a handt storage box or picnic basket.

Madoda and Tshomi were seen at Design Indaba Expo earlier this year where they were among the finalists in the Western Cape Furniture Initiative’s Shack Chic seating design competition.