Show room

Simplicity, harmony and inspiration are just some of the feelings that can be associated with Ineke Hans's classic collection.

Ineke Hans is displaying her "classic" collection at the Toonkamer in Utrech until the 15 September 2012. The classic collection designs on show are pieces like the Ordinary Furniture, Laser Chairs, Black Gold Porcelain and Elephants, but also her new designs including Swing Wing Furniture and the Frozen Johannes Work Sofa.

Not only is Hans the sole designer displaying at the Toonkamer but she also designed the entire exhibition herself. The full collection was not shown but Hans created a wallpaper comprising of the complete collection so that it could be wholly presented in a way.

The Toonkamer is a creative space ideally suited to the designs of Hans. The show room is set in an old factory where individuals, designers, architects and stylists are welcome to see, feel and experience the designs that are shown.

Watch the Talk with Ineke Hans