Shopping in a laboratory

Tokujin Yoshioka's interior design for Issey Miyake's new retail outlet is clean, minimalistic and somewhat futuristic.

Tokujin Yoshioka’s design of a new retail space for icon fashion label Issey Miyake resembles a laboratory due to its clean, minimalistic space.

Japanese designer Yoshioka designed the original store for Issey Miyake and has extended his collaboration with the company with the REALITY LAB. ISSEY MIYAKE store located in the hip area Aoyama in Tokyo, Japan.

The space is divided into blue and green colour zones separated by concrete pillars and pure white walls and floors. The contemporary and minimalist aesthetic is further carried out in ceiling-to-floor windows, enticing passersby to enter.

Clothing is displayed around the space on rails as well as on furniture pieces that form part of Yoshioka’s Element collection. The hangers are hidden in order to make the clothing appear as if it's floating. This provides a further futuristic appeal to a laboratory-meets-gallery retail environment.