SHoP Architects will build 50 resilient schools in Nepal

New York-based firm ShoP Architects will build 50 schools in earthquake-damaged regions of Nepal.

Network will build 50 resilient schools in regions of Nepal devastated by the April 2015 earthquake.

The architectural firm has proposed two designs – a single-story primary school and a double-story high school – that can be adapted to different site conditions and available resources.

The SHoP schools are designed to be flexible, easy to assemble (from a limited kit of readily available parts) and built out of locally available resources such as compressed bricks made out of soil. The designs for the schools also feature concrete-slab foundations and steel-truss roof systems.  

The schools are equipped with water purification systems, wireless internet powering donated computers and solar-generated electricity.  The schools will double up as community centres and serve as shelters in the event of future emergencies or natural disasters.

According to SHoP principal Kim Holden, the firm will share the designs online to assist other groups and communities facing similar challenges: “This is really a kit of parts that can serve communities everywhere in times of need."

The construction on the first two schools is expected to start early this year.