The Sheets desk by Lucie Koldová

Czech designer Lucie Koldova designs an elegant desk for Křehký set to be unveiled at Salone del Mobile 2015.

The Sheets desk by Czech product designer Lucie Koldová strikes the perfect balance between old-fashioned writing desk and contemporary computer workstation. 

Sporting elegant proportions, delicate curves and a striking combination of colour and wood, Sheets was designed to appeal to your inner novelist. “The desk reminds one of blank sheets of paper waiting for the first sentences,” says Koldová. Its graceful look means it can also function as a dressing table.

Two sheets of plywood create an upper and lower level for the desk. The bottom can be used for storing writing tools such as pens, pencils and computer keyboards, while the top level is a surface for writing.

Sheets was deigned for Czech brand Křehký Gallery and will be unveiled at the Salone del Mobile 2015.