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Dutch designer Dave Hakkens created a new plug, using a lightweight rubber material that makes it easily detachable, thus giving it a longer lifespan.

While electrical plugs are integral, almost essential, to modern life, it is not something one would generally give much thought to. They’re perfectly suited to purpose, so what else is there to think about?

Well, for Dutch designer Dave Hakkens there’s the fact that plugs are often thrown away along with the device it was connected to, when the device breaks or is replaced. So Hakkens designed detachable plugs that can easily be disconnected and reused.

Made from a rubber materials, Hakkens’s plugs are light, durable and flexible. With this plug the designer also wanted to  “make a technical product by hand but that is still produceable for the industry”. This was achieved by combining older techniques and crafts with new technologies such as sophisticated software and 3D scanning.

While working on this project Hakkens also conceptualized the Sharing Plug. He explains that the Sharing Plug is specially designed for products that are always plugged in, like your TV, fridge and lamps. While these appliances keep the socket occupied, the Sharing Plug allows you to safely connect other electronics onto it, sharing the power with other plugs.