Sexy shop

Karim Rashid’s latest project is a sex toy boutique. His characteristically funky style works particularly well in this loving space.

Design now shapes every aspect of our lives, so it should now also be shaping a better sex life for all, says Karim Rashid. His latest project is the design of a retail space and café/lounge in Berlin, Germany, for Parador.

The Fun Factory is a two-floor 200 square-metre flagship sex toy boutique retail space. Rashid designed the patterned laminate flooring, while the rugs are from his “Touch Me” collection and the sofas, lounge chairs, stools and tables originally designed for Casamania. Custom retail units were also designed by Rashid and produced by Slide in Italy, to display erotic toys and other fun things.

Blurring the line between needs and desires, the Fun Factory presents sexy, sculptural and sensual toy forms in an organic and tasteful way. Rashid says: “Once marginal and taboo like design, finally sex has become a public subject. The ubiquity of these subjects both have similarities such as performance, desire, form, seduction, beauty, and experience.”