Seven sins

Studio Makkink & Bey establish various connections between 15th century life and the world of today with their "The Seven Sins" exhibition.

Studio Makkink & Bey’s Seven Sins exhibition aims to establish a connection between the 15th century and the world we live in today.

The 15th century painting “The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things” by Hieronymus Bosch serves as the starting point for Dutch design duo Rianne Makkink and Jurgen Bey's exhibition.

The painting references sins, which are all shown in scenes from everyday life. The objects in the exhibition parallel the ones in the painting in order to disassociate from their usual frame of reference and to allow the viewer to imagine alternative connections. The pieces from the Centraal Museum’s collection, works by Makkink & Bey and other works by various contemporary designers and artists aim to establish a thread between 15th century life and the world of today. All pieces are displayed together in an interior-design style exhibition revealing seven distinct categories: lust, gluttony, greed, envy, rage, sloth and vanity. 

Visitors can witness an unanticipated connection amongst fashion, art, applied art and urban history and discover the narrative power that objects can have.

The Seven Sins exhibition is on show at the Centraal Museum in Utrecht, the Netherlands until 18 May 2014.