Scale scale on the floor

Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet is often hard work. The innovative Diet Scale tries to make things easier by making meal suggestions.

A scale is nobody’s favourite gadget but what if, instead of just throwing some awful number at you, it gave you constructive meal recommendations based on your weight. This concept might sound like something between a robot and your personal dietician but the Diet Scale by Ji Lee could offer this very service.

The Diet Scale looks just like an ordinary scale but intimately interacts with the user, suggesting a specific diet to follow rather than simply indicating the user’s weight. The diet scale started as a student project a couple of years ago where the assignment was to redesign a menu. The project had been on Lee’s website for some time before going viral, sparking a new interest in the product. Lee says he’s looking for the right collaborator to turn this concept into a product.

Lee didn't develop the Diet Scale with any great plans in mind, but he says the inexpensive scales could be manufactured to support the work of an organsiation like Unicef. The scales could have interchangeable menus that appear based on one’s weight and health needs. This interactive element could help to get people excited about healthy eating.

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