Saving a font from extinction

Reviving a forgotten font designed by Alvin Lustig, an iconic, contemporary American graphic designer.

"Euclid. A New Type", is a geometric letterform designed in the 1930’s, by celebrated contemporary American graphic designer, Alvin Lustig. The font, designed for commercial use, has been edging on extinction with the only remnants existing as 12 unique letterforms in a book titled, “Born modern: Life and design of Alvin Lustig”.

Craig Welsh, a graphic design lecturer at Marywood University in Pennsylvania, has undertaken an inspiring and moving journey to restore the font. Working under the supervision and guidance of Lustig's wife, Elaine Lustig Cohen, Welsh has reproduced the font in wooden letter blocks using the original methods of production and period machinery to retain authenticity.

Famous letterpress, Hamiltons in Wisconsin, a letterpress Lustig frequented before his death in 1955, will produce and store the letter blocks for designers. Welsh and Cohen will also release a digital version of the font.

In his campaign video, Welsh says that it’s momentous opportunity to work with Elain as she was present during the height of Lustig's career and remembers the creation of Lustig's Euclid font and his artistic direction.

Cohen, a renowned graphic designer herself, was awarded an AGAI gold medal in 2011 while Lustig was awarded one posthumously in 1993.