Saphon Energy creates new wind-harnessing technology

This Tunisian startup didn’t reinvent the wind turbine; instead, they created a new technology.

Saphon Energy, a Tunisian startup company have developed a radically new and innovative green technology that they have patented as "zero blade technology". They have christened their award winning wind-harnessing device the Siphonian, an ode to Baalzaphon, storm god of the Canaanites.

Inspired by the wind harnessing power of sailboats, the Siphonian’s sail-like wind receptacle creates a back and forth 3D knot or figure 8 motion when exposed to the wind.  The movement creates mechanical energy, which in turn pumps pistons inside the headstock converting the energy into hydraulic pressure. This pressure is then directed through a generator to create electricity or stored for later use.

Replacing the rotational blades of conventional turbines, the Saphonian creates maximum aerodynamic drag swallowing up to 42 per cent more of the wind's kinetic energy than blade based turbines. According to their website, the Saphonian design has allowed it to transcend Betz Law, a law which calculates the maximum energy that can generate by a constructed turbine.

In 2015, the Saphon Energy group took first place at the Gulfstream® Navigator Awards. An award that rewards innovations that offer environmentally friendly solutions across multiple industries. This award also secured a collaborative agreement with Microsoft in 2015 at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

Despite generating sustainable energy, the Saphorian is cost effective to build and eliminates many negative aspects associated with traditional wind turbines. The omission of rotational blades proves to be much safer to wildlife such as birds and it creates zero noise. The smaller size allows the structure to be unobtrusive on landscapes and much easier and safer to maintain.