Russian jewel

The Pushkinsky Jewel is a design concept for connecting a landmark theatre to the historic and culturally vibrant Pushkin Square in Moscow.

A neglected theatre in Moscow’s Pushkin Square has become a key focus in redesign proposals. The landmark theatre is now part of a city revival initiative and enjoying more attention, thanks to an international competition calling for urban redesigns in the city.

London-based branding design studio Vonsung’s “The Pushkinsky Jewel” redesign proposal for the theatre has earned them a place amongst the finalists in the competition.

For Vonsung it was important that the theatre maintains visual contact with Pushkin Square and that the building adapts to its busy, historically significant surroundings. This would be achieved by placing the theatre in a glass box, much as one would protect a precious jewel in glass encasing.

A walk-around gallery is a key design feature of The Pushkinsky Jewel, with the dual purpose of being a connecting corridor to the square. The transparency also works to facilitate a visual exchange between visitors inside the theatre complex and outside, again manifesting that connection to the historic square and the buzz of the city centre.

Encasing the open air balcony in glass also allows the space to be utilised in all weather conditions.