Roughing it at Milan2011

Rough & Ready is an experimental range of furniture inspired by explorations of the unpredictable.

London-based designer Vanja Bazdulj focusses on exploring the design process and experimental ways of making by questioning preconceived notions of how furniture and other objects are created and used.

Her Rough & Ready range of experimental furniture morphology was showcased at the Milan Furnture Fair last week. Interdisciplinary methods, experimental materials and a playful approach characterises Bazdulj’s explorations and the way that she views artefacts of the world.

Driven by a philosophy to explore materials outside of their “natural” context  and to provide alternative solution to objects in form and structure, Bazdulj prepares all materials by hand. She also uses recycled and discarded materials that at first appear to look out of place but soon take on a new, playful meaning.

The Rough & Ready collection currently comprises Easy Chairs and Sidekick Stools.