Rope lights

Studio Tjep created a chandelier installation using fishing rope for the main hall of the inn on Fogo Island, a little habitat off the Canadian coast.

Fogo Island is a little-known fishing habitat on the Newfoundland coast, off Canada.

There’s an inn at this charming little spot that boasts a Tjep design.

Frank Tjepkema and his studio designed the chandeliers for Fogo Island Inn’s main hall.

Drawing inspiration from the harmony of local resources and skills, and the ecological balance that adds to the magic of the place, Tjep sought to incorporate something of both the island’s cultural traditions and flora into the design.

As such, the chandeliers were handmade using fishing rope in flower motifs, mimicking those found on the island.

Local residents were roped into helping to bring the chandeliers to life.

Tjep’s design forms part of a bigger project, initiated by Zita Cobb and the Shorefast Foundation, to turn Fogo Island into a destination like no other, and to use experiential design, to regenerate this island community.

The total population of Fogo Island is just 2 600 people.

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