Rockstars & reformers

PASS Radio effectively uses the internet to facilitate a progressive cause.

Video might have killed radio star but now internet is giving her a makeover. And it’s looking, or rather sounding, a whole lot cooler than radio goo goo or radio ga ga.

The Pan African Space Station, or PASS, is a cyber-radio project that launched on 11 September 2010. Broadcasting live from Cape Town and Cameroon, PASS is rebelling against conventional radio formats.

PASS Radio describes itself as “progressive” and streams diverse content, from interviews and live recordings to jams and music debates. In its short life, PASS has already featured the likes of Neo Muyanga, Plantation Miners, DJ Mighty, DJ Andy Williams and others.

Never a medium to restrict itself, PASS Radio is also manifested as a sound installation in St Georges Mall in Cape Town. PASS Radio can be heard in real time by every passer-by.

PASS is an annual cross-genre music intervention, curated by Ntone Edjabe and Neo Muyanga and presented by the Africa Centre.