Road side

Dave Southwood’s N1 collection of photographs captures the essence of the National Road One in South Africa.
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National Road One, more commonly known as simply the “N1” is the scene of a series of photographic work by Cape Town-based photographer Dave Southwood.

N1 considers a series of events and personalities and traces of habitation along the N1 highway when traveling from Cape Town to Beitridge, the border between South African and Zimbabwe.

This exhibition of work takes place at the Goethe Institute in Johannesburg from 14 July to 26 August 2011.

Presenting the N1 as an awkward, sometimes empty public space, Southwood’s work subtly comments on the political, social and historical associations of the road. This is also achieved by avoiding the obvious or the spectacular.

The text accompanying the photographs was written by Sean O’Toole and ranges from aphorisms to extended captions.