Rhinos, remembered

In recognition of World Rhino Day, Faith47 pays tribute to this majestic, but endangered animal, with a mural against a Shanghai wall.
Posted 22 Sep 12 By Design Indaba Creative Work / Design News Comments

Today, 23 September 2012, is World Rhino Day, and street artist Faith47 pays tribute to this very special, but endagered, member of the Big Five.

“Taming the Beast” is the latest creation by Faith47, inspired by her recent trip to Shanghai in China. The representation of the South African rhino on the desolate walls of Shanghai aim to bring the majestic animal into Asia, to settle its restless spirit.

As each week passes South African wildlife says goodbye to many rhinos that are illegally hunted for their horns. Since 2010 some 1 154 rhinos have violently stripped of their horns for their medical demand driven by countries such China, South Korea, Malaysia and Vietnam. These Asian countries falsely believe that the rhino’s horn can treat fever, cancer and diabetes by acting as a detoxifying ingredient after over indulgence, as well as other medical myths.

“Taming the Beast” brings the beauty of a struggling animal into a lost space and serves as a reminder that if poaching continues, rhinos will be lost too.

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