Reclusive artist captures her journey in a photographic diary

Dealing with depression, sadness and life as an introvert, Melania Brescia expresses herself in the only way she can.

From the Series

Photographer Melania Brescia describes herself as a socially awkward pessimist who uses her craft to escape the solitude of life as an introvert. “I don't think I'd be doing photography if I wasn't like this. Always very depressed when I was a teen, not many friends, not very talkative, I had to vent somehow and drawing and photographing helped a lot,” says the 24-year old Spaniard, now living in the US.

Brescia’s solitary life means her work is not focussed on people, but on self-portraiture. Using her craft, she channels her everyday struggles with depression into hauntingly beautiful works of art. “I don't take the pictures thinking what theme, what message or what are people going to think. I take them for myself, to feel better with myself, and I like to share with those who understand it and enjoy it like I do,” she adds.

As the social media following and media attention around her work grows, it’s easy to see why this reclusive artist is able to create works that relate to people and their individual struggles even though her primary goals are self-exploration and healing.

“This is just a journal, this is just me not trying to please anyone but trying to feel better with myself when I can't find any other way,” she concludes.