Raising the bar

The Bluetube Bar is made from low-cost plastic and looks spectacular at night when it is illuminated from within.

Not only does the name of a bar designed by Portuguese studio Dose have a great ring to it, the “Bluetube Bar” is also made from low-cost materials.

The Bluetube Bar was designed by recent graduates of the Oporto University and uses simple construction techniques and the designers’ “tube-it” system to create a simple outdoor bar that makes a great visual impact.

Dose explains that the “tube-it” system is based on the assembly of “corrugated tube” and “plastic clamps” and presents a conceptual departure from a system of modular repetition, choosing instead to explore the continuity of a single element.

In realising the Bluetube Bar the designers had to work with the spatial constraints of a 3 square metre area and 5 metres in height. To use this space effectively Dose rolled the corrugated plastic tubing into a helicoid pattern around a structural frame. These different layers were secured with plastic clamps, resulting in an interesting overall aesthetic.

At night the Bluetube Bar is illuminated from within, creating a unique lighting effect.