Pure desk

The Milk desk, a rare blend of fashion and efficiency will even have computer geeks excited about design.

Any Mac lover will tell you that the sleek, streamlined look of the machine is part of it’s appeal. No frills, no fuss, just sexy. And now there’s a desk to match the graciousness of the much-loved Mac.

The Milk desk by Danish designer Soren Kjaer blurs the line between art and function, and fits in perfectly with the look and philosophy of Mac and Apple products.

The Milk desk offers a workspace that has lots of built-in solutions for taking care of cords, cables, wires and other unsightly amenities. The only visible wiring is the power wire that runs off the base of the table. The built-in slots along the front edge of the desk are for active properties.

There are four built-in boxes on the left side in which other desk clutter can be stored. The real appeal here is that a square fish bowl can be incorporated into this space. For extra karma, you know. These boxes come in a variety of seven colours allowing a personal touch to be added.

The electric raise and lower feature is a feature that allows for alternating between sitting and standing positions at the desk.

Kjaer says he needed a desk that was simple but never boring and smart but not overly sophisticated, from whence Milk was born. Unfortunately it’s only available in Denmark at the moment.