Pure air

The design of Nendo's new Arobo air purifier highlights the essence of water and air in its purest form.

Nendo’s “Arobo” air purifier is a design that seeks to highlight the pure form of air and water.

The Japanese designers created an air purifier that uses the centrifugal force created by the water revolving in the tank to draw that same water into the upper compartment of the Arobo, where a fan works to vaporize it into the air. The water that is not vaporiased is caught in the sides of the purifier and returned to the tank part of the device.

Nendo explains that the purifier’s spherical shape draws on research into the most efficient form for water circulation. As such, the motors and control of the Arobo have been placed at an angle above the tank to allow for the electrical cord to be placed low to the ground, which also works for a cleaner, sleeker look.

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