The pretty side of activism

Sarah Corbett promotes gentle activism through her arts and crafts initiative, Craftivism.


Activism doesn't have to be aggressive. In fact, it can be as gentle as a woollen scarf around your neck or pretty like a scrapbook filled with your favourite memories.

Craftivism, as the name suggests is activism through arts and crafts.  According to their website, the creators believe that a true “Craftivist” uses craft as a tool for gentle activism to influence long-term change.

Sarah Corbett started the movement in 2009 after attending numerous protests, marches and pickets. She felt that her method of fighting and getting her message across was not effective nor was it enjoyable.

Corbett explains that craftivism can happen in any form. It’s creative communication of a positive message, which is made by hand. Things like positive Post-Its stuck around town, yarn bombing or bunting suspended in solidarity with a cause.

Corbett’s craftivism has sparked a global movement and through their website, they encourage other craftivists to spread the message and their ideas through craft. They also have suggestions for craftivist projects and help interested parties mobilise their own craftivist meetings. There is also an online shop selling curios and craftivism starter kits

In a recent interview on her website, Corbett said: “If we want the world to be more beautiful, kind and fair, then shouldn’t our activism also be more beautiful, kind and fair?”


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