Porcelain meets metal

High tea with a touch of whimsy... Pamela Schroeder of Aboda and Sandy Godwin of Sandy Godwin Clay Creations collaborated on a gorgeous new collection.

The classic high tea party takes on a whole new meaning with new range that sees metal and porcelain working together beautifully. 

Pamela Schroeder of Aboda and Sandy Godwin of Sandy Godwin Clay Creations have combined their distinct talents to design a collaborative collection for this year’s Design Indaba Expo.

The collaboration between designer sculptor Schroeder and porcelain ceramic artist Godwin stemmed from a mutual passion for nature, pattern, texture and form. As their individual products comprise porcelain tableware and metal flatware, it was a logical step as well as a technical challenge to explore how two disparate materials - metal and porcelain - could be combined to create and promote a unique synergy of function and form. The task of the collection further included the need for each piece to stay true to the unique design process and persona of each artist, as well as retaining the inherent properties of the two materials.

The collaboration presents a range of items and artefacts, which have been designed around a whimsical interpretation of "The High Tea Party". From elgantly handcrafted plates to cups inspired by patterns in nature, each design is both functional and gorgeously decorative.

"High Tea" is a vivid example of true South African collaboration in the spirit of highlighting the natural beauty of the country and expressing South African designers' desire to create and innovate new means and methods of design.

Schroeder and Godwin are exhibiting next to one another at this year’s Design Indaba Expo. The designers are showcasing a selection of their own designs as well as their collaborative High Tea collection.