Pop or not

This is Not a Pop-Up in London is a design experiment, giving various designers the chance to make their creative mark.

“This is Not a Pop-Up” is a new design initiative at the Hayward Gallery shop in London that showcases the creations of various designers.

Running from 1 to 22 September 2011, This is Not a Pop-Up will give various designers the opportunity to add their unique creative flair to the shop, in the breaks between exhibitions at the gallery. Some of the pieces that the designers exhibit in the shop will also be for sale.

This first installation will see Tina Tsang from Undergrowth Design exhibit her work, with Miho Ashima featuring alongside. Tsang and Ashima will be creating an interactive fantasy experience, including origami sculptures.

For more information about This is Not a Pop-Up, keep an eye on www.southbankcentre.co.uk.

All images feature the work of Tina Tsang.