Ponds for ecosystems

Domestic Ponds explores the benefits of ecosystems and looks at creative ways of bringing them into the home.

Water features in a domestic space, whether inside or outside the house, are always interesting to look at. Duende Studio are exploring the pond as domestic water point in an exhibition at Galerie BSL in Paris, which runs until 27 November 2010.

Domestic Ponds features the work of Mathieu Lehanneur, Benjamin Graindorge and Eric Jourdan. They present a collection of aquariums, similar to a pond, which are home to plants and aquatic life. The design facilitates a type of symbiosis between fish and plants. The plants get their water from the bottom of the aquarium. Nitrate-rich waste in turn fertilises the vegetable garden while the plants also helps to maintain balanced water for the fish.

With the plants working as natural filters, the Domestic Ponds demand very little maintenance from the user but bring a unique ecosystem into the home.