Planting trees in inhospitable environments

The Cocoon is a completely organic vessel that lets you plant trees in the worst environments.

Some environments are not meant for plant growth no matter how green the thumb. But as climate change and deforestation continue to threaten the livelihood and the diversity of our planet, planting trees has become even more necessary. Working out of headquarters in the Netherlands, the Land Life Company have come up with a potential solution. The Cocoon is a biodegradable vessel that protects even the most vulnerable of plants in their most crucial stage of development, bumping the success rate up to 95 per cent.

According to Inhabitat, trees have been planting in over 12 countries using the Cocoon. Their success rate is based on the design. The vulnerable seedlings are housed in a biodegradable wrapping. Made of a variety of organic materials, the vessels protect the seedlings from harsh environments and hungry animals. The Cocoon also creates a moat-like reservoir that ensures seedlings enough moisture.

Further, the mycorrhizal fungi added to the cake-pan-like structure supports the root systems’ ability to absorb moisture. It also releases helpful enzymes into the surrounding soil, strengthening the area.

When the Cocoon disintegrates into the surrounding soil, it leaves behind a strong adolescent tree capable of expanding its roots and thriving in its environment.