Photographer lends his lens to capturing the daily aesthetics of Lagos

Logor Adeyemi captures the ordinary moments in Lagos, the extraordinary African metropolis known for wall-to-wall people and bumper-to-bumper cars.

"Monochrome Lagos" is a series shot by documentary photographer Logor Adeyemi highlighting routine activities in the African megalopolis of Lagos. It is a visual tale of the photographer’s engagement with the city. He is driven by his desire to transform the frightful corners of Lagos into unexplored spaces with misunderstood value. "I set out to photograph Lagos, seeking to capture the mysteries of the city, the theatrics and arrangement of almost everything; the poetic juxtapositions of its residents, how they related to the city and vice versa," he revealed in his artist statement.

His images speak to the daily goings-on of Lagos and depict a sense of order in what’s commonly known as the most chaotic city in Africa. Shot in black and white, his images illustrate banal events, which make the city appear more extraordinary. In his images, children are at play, firemen extinguish flames resulting from the dry harmattan weather and people queue patiently waiting for a taxi.

Adeyemi’s filter choice was informed by his desire to photograph Lagos without the distraction of colour. "I seek the beauty of her forms, lives, patterns, textures, by stripping her of one of her most obvious features, her colours. I question the presence of the vibrant Lagos colour by absenting it, “ says Adeyemi.

Born and bred a Lagosian, Adeyemi received his training through a program facilitated by Bayo Omoboriowo, the exclusive photographer to the current Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari. His work serves as the new generation of African photography shot by Africans themselves.

Adeyemi exhibited a selection of photographs from the monochrome series at the Lagos Open Range exhibition in 2015. Initiated by the Nlele Institute, a Pan-African, autonomous and non-profit visual art organisation, the exhibition was curated to give visibility to emerging Nigerian photographers. Adeyemi also runs tumblr page, which serves as a digital archive for his “Monochrome Lagos” project.