Photographer Andile Bhala says these 6 tips will help any aspiring artist

Soweto photographer Andile Bhala says these are the 6 things every aspiring artist should know.

Born in a south-western township in Soweto, South Africa, Andile Bhala says family, community and the strength of his mother informed his upbringing. The photographer draws on the same values when capturing what he sees around him. “Some may dub this generation as careless with no direction, but all I see through my lens is a generation free from past chains trying to find their way without any direction,” he says.

Bhala wants aspiring artists to remember these six trade secrets:

1. Less is more

“It may sound simple and maybe obvious but my first step is a cup of coffee it really does lay the foundation for the entire process."

Photo Credit: Andile Bhala

2.Know your camera

Photo Credit: Andile Bhala

3. Always shoot in RAW

When shooting in a format like JPEG image information is compressed and lost. Because no information is compressed with RAW you're able to produce higher quality images.

Photo Credit: Andile Bhala

4. Invest in your art

“Show others that you can turn a hobby into a career.”

Photo Credit: Andile Bhala

5. Think before you shoot

“I draw from different emotional resources. I enjoy walking through the location just to get the creative juices flowing while I listen to great music.”

Photo Credit: Andile Bhala

6. Never stop learning

“We are the generation of firsts,hustling to be something in life.”

Photo Credit: Andile Bhala