Photo Series: Documenting “The Other Africa”

Social documentary photographer Lou Jones has spent the last few years documenting the new Africa, “The Other Africa.”

Western media’s portrayal of Africa has been centred on poverty, conflict, and chaos. For US-based photographer Lou Jones, photography has the power to change this perception and educate the public about the fastest growing continent on the planet.

“Over one billion people go to work, raise and educate their children, preserve traditional rituals, cultivate their natural resources and innovate new technologies with little involvement with the sensationalistic events that attract attention from media outside the continent,” says Jones.

Through the panAFRICAproject, Jones aims to document daily life in 54 African countries. He hopes to create an "almanac of photography" to illustrate unbiased, day-to-day life by focussing on each individual culture.  

The initiative launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the next phase of the project.