Perfectly imperfect

Two man band K&i Design Studio believe in designing the hands-on, handmade way and creating authentic and inspirational designs.

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Authenticity, innovation and imagination are the guiding principles to success for K&i Design Studio.

The Cape Town-based graphic design company was started in 2011 by spouses Karl and Ida Mynhardt, a graphic designer and fashion designer respectively. The duo believe their different educations allow them to collaborate in a holistic and unique manner.

Referring to their work as "perfectly imperfect", K&i Design Studio's creative process seeks to communicate on an emotional level. The duo strive to work with like-minded people to inject their positive and approachable personality into all of their work.

Taking their inspiration from coffee cup stains to conversations overheard while standing in a queue, the pair are always looking and listening to what is trending and appealing to people. This allows them to design in an authentic way to influence a society's thoughts on graphic design.

K&i Design Studio have become a "go-to" company for graphic work that is inspirational and engaging. Earlier this year the were asked once again to create The Black Book for the South African Innovation Summit held at the Forum in Johannesburg. K&I designed a box set including a 164-page handbook and a 120-page notebook. The publication features the 66 speakers present at this year's talk with an extended directory and contents page. Their creation of The Black Book in 2011 was shortlisted at this year’s Loerie Awards for best publication design.

The year has been both busy and rewarding for K&i . Their work has captured the attention of many and has been featured in and numerous creative platforms including Creative Review UK, Between 10 and 5, House and Leisure, VISI and African Digital Art. Their cookbook, From the Heart, has had several reviews in local publications, as well as captivating Woolworths, who are currently reviewing the delicious recipes.

K&i Design Studio was part of the Emerging Creatives programme at Design Indaba Expo 2012.

"Our experience at Design Indaba was an invaluable opportunity and a great amount was learnt over the few days, Karl said.

After Expo, K&i worked with Grolsch, Billabong, Out in Africa – Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and The Slovakian, Artisan Distillers & Co, to name just a few.

We highly recommend that talented folk around South Africa with a passion and a dream submit their work for the 2013 Emerging Creatives programme.

To view more of their work visit K&i Design Studio.