Passing time

Oscar Diaz draws on seasons to create an ink calendar denoting days in colour.

Oscar Diaz’s “Ink Calendar” spreads ink across paper to symbolise days passing in a month.

Diaz used ink and paper in the creation of a calendar, which turns into a colourful representation of each month of the year. The calendar reveals the outline of slightly raised numbers on a white sheet of paper to represent the days in a month. Attached to the calendar is an ink bottle, which is filled once a day to allow the gradual spreading of ink over each number. Once the ink is finished, the specific day of the month will be coloured in on the paper.

“Ink Calendar” incorporates the use of different colours for each month, adding a playful element to the design. From dark blues for winter to shades of green in spring and oranges in summer, Diaz highlights the colour scheme of seasons across a year.

“Ink Calendar” was developed for Gradual, an exhibition dedicated to evolving artworks. 

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