Parallel experiences

Science fiction or social media? The Quantum Parallelograph offers you a glimpse of your parallel life - the one you have online.

The notion of living in a parallel universe might once have belonged exclusively to the world of science fiction, but in the age of social media and other digital networks, the idea of living in a parallel universe has a whole new meaning.

Many of us have a “parallel life”, that one that we live online, and the Quantum Parallelograph is a tool that allows you to get a glimpse of this “other” life.

Called an “exploratory public engagement project”, the Quantum Parallelograph is the initiative of designer Patrick Stevenson-Keating and quantum physics research specialists at Oxford University.

The project seeks to examine the scientific and philosophical ideas that exist around the theory of quantum physics and multiple universes. As such, the Quantum Paralllelograph reveals to a user how alternative realities might be able to exist.

The user of the device tunes the search intensity and it uses online sources to print out a short statement about your alternative realities, or your online persona.

While the results are somewhat ambiguous and whimsical, the designer hopes that the project will encourage thoughts about the nature of reality while also serving as a tool to communicate modern theories in physics.

Take a look at this video to see how it works: