Paperscope: Send someone a moment of your day in this postable, DIY kaleidoscope

The Paperscope is an eco-friendly do-it-yourself kaleidoscope that you can send in an envelope to anywhere in the world, turning moments of your day into magic.

Playing with childhood memories and a nostalgic sense of delight, a group of innovators from Lithuania have created the world’s first postcard-kaleidoscope, the Paperscope. Eco-friendly and the size of an average postcard, these kaleidoscopes are very simple to make and only take five minutes to assemble. 

“It’s a toy made of easily recyclable parts. It can be reused many times,” says the creator Žilvinas Stankevičius. 

In this digital world, much of our communication happens through a screen. The Paperscope allows you to send something tangible to your friends and loved ones, and for them to turn any small object or keepsake into an explosion of colour. According to the designers, the early users of the postcard-kaleidoscope so far have reacted in quite an emotional way. 

The Paperscope team are currently raising funds on Kickstarter