The Paper Water Bottle sits at the intersection of branding and sustainable design

Another product you could be using instead of plastic. Check out The Paper Water Bottle.
Paper Water Bottle

It’s no secret that around 80 per cent of the 80 billion plastic bottles produced annually will end up in landfills or oceans where it will take 800 years to biodegrade. The Paper Water Bottle claims to be a brand-friendly and eco-friendly solution. Founded as an alternative to plastic, Paper Water Bottle is made of a pulp material comprised of organic and sustainable combinations of plant-based fibres.

According to Core77, the aim of its sustainable design is to keep reducing the amount of plastic used in packaging. Founder Jim Warner and CEO Dan Doster recognised that plastic continues to dominate the market place because there is no viable alternative. Eventually, the company hopes to design a version of the bottle that is backyard compostable. While the bottle still has some plastic content, the company is on a mission to make sure that this is not always the case.

There a number of other products that provide an alternative to plastic but Paper Water Bottle sets itself apart by offering companies specialised branding. In this way, the look and feel of the eco-friendly product can be tailored to suit a company’s needs, aesthetic and existing systems.

Paper Water Bottle was named a runner-up in Core77’s 2016 design awards.