Paper crockery

Japanese company Wasara presents sustainable, single use paper tableware. And it’s rather stylish.

From the Series

We live in an age where even just the thought of paper tableware should make us cringe in green embarrassment.

But that’s where Japanese company Wasara’s disposable plates, cups, bowls and trays are different, and justifiably desirable. Each dish in the range created by Shinichiro Ogata is made of tree-free paper. Instead they’re made of a material composite of bamboo, reed pulp and the byproduct of crushed sugarcane, which is completely biodegradable. So once you’ve used it you can chuck it into the compost bin with a clear conscience.

The rather sensual designs are reminiscent of the very best in Japanese craftsmanship, with the whalebone colour further adding to the elegance. So if you really must go for throw-away crockery, this is definitely the greenest route.