P Bank is a public toilet facility that offers a solution to the phosphorus scarcity

P Bank allows visitors to make a donation of Phosphorus, which is currently endangered due to high consumption levels.

During her talk on the Antenna 2019 stage, Anniek Vetter explained that at the centre of her project in collaboration with Sylvia Debit is the chemical element, phosphorus, which is currently endangered due to high consumption levels.  

Vetter explains P Bank as a facility that allows visitors to make a P donation. While donating, one learns about the phosphorus scarcity and as a result, one can then be part of the solution.

“With each visit, you spend about 300 ml of urine. This contains about 200 mg Phosphor. That's enough to grow 4 carrots,” she explains 

In 2016 and 2017 the P Bank team was selected for the Neudeli incubator programme and was sponsored by the B100 Bauhaus anniversary fund. This year it received funding from the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU).

Her talk is part of the third antenna conference, a collaboration between Design Indaba and the Dutch Design Foundation, which recently took place as part of Dutch Design Week. She spoke alongside 19 other young designers.

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