One of a kind

A showcase of gorgeous interior design by day, a customised hotel room by night. The One Room Hotel is a unique design experience.

Design duo James Russell and Hannah Plumb, collectively known as Jamesplumb, redefined the concept of a boutique hotel at the 2010 London Design Festival.

The One Room Hotel was an exhibition that functioned as a showroom during the day and a hotel room at night. The showroom featured the Jamesplumb’s new project that involved salvaging forgotten interior design treasures, like furniture and lighting, and giving it a second life.

Beautifully reclaimed metal and wooden furniture were brought back to life in a custom-built bedroom with a small bathroom and kitchenette. The room had a very cosy, vintage look about it and proved that with a bit of imagination even the oldest of furniture can be uniquely reinvented.

The exhibition formed the store interior for menswear brand Hostem, and at night selected guests could enjoy the installation as a unique accommodation experience.