Ode to Guinness

Standing some three metres tall and weighing no less than two tons, The Guinness Monument in Dublin, Ireland, says cheers to beer!

Many a beer lover will agree that good beer deserves a monument in its honour!

The newly unveiled Guinness Monument in Dublin, Ireland, does exactly that – it pays homage to the time-honoured craft involved in the preparation of a pint of Guinness.

Jason Bruges Studio worked with artistic director David Wilson, Blinkart, as well as sculptors, illustrators and graphic designers to create the three-metre-high Guinness Monument.

The installation, weighing in at two tons, stands at the Guinness Storehouse, paying tribute to the brand’s colourful history and its landmark advertising campaigns.

Combining the old and the new, the monument sees emblematic wood carving adorning the ash body of the pint glass while Jason Bruges Studio’s innovative fabric-based, cloud-like head crowns the glass.

Jason Bruges Studio worked with textile designer Elena Corchero to build the lightweight, airtight fabric structure, which is gently animated to convey the breathing, flowing and dancing movement of bubbles in the head of a real pint of Guinness.

The lace tapestry on the surface of the form references the combination of craft and technology.  It was dyed using Guinness and features intricately embroidered patterns in hi-tech reflective threads,

Themes likes travel and the sea are also embodied in the design of the crown, representing Guinness’s global popularity. LED lighting, delicate reflective hanging materials and a series of eight fans combine within the structure to create the visual effect of movement and draw attention to it’s floating appearance.